Home Economics

Three grown-up siblings find themselves living at vastly different levels of financial security than each other.

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Quality: HD

Release: 2021


Season 1 - Home Economics
07 Apr 2021
"No description"
21 Apr 2021
"Connor invites all the cousins over for an epic sleepover to cheer up his daughter, Gretchen. Meanwhile, Tom is determined to prove he can be a fun uncle too."
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"No description"
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"No description"
Season 2 - Home Economics
22 Sep 2021
"Connor invites the Hayworth clan to a 49ers game as he tries to close his latest business deal; Tom gets a chance to showcase his football skills; Denise tries to get Sarah to come to terms with Shamiah's new interest in cheerleading"
29 Sep 2021
"Things get a little hot in the kitchen when Tom considers ghostwriting a memoir for a celebrity chef; Connor starts dating a friend of Sarah and Denise's who makes a surprising impact on him."
06 Oct 2021
"The family is in for a wild night out when they accompany Connor to a club to help him jump-start his dating life."
13 Oct 2021
"Marina worries Camila's lost touch with her heritage, so she enlists Tom and the rest of the family to help reconnect with her roots; Sarah interviews for a job at Gretchen's school but receives some unwanted assistance from Connor."
20 Oct 2021
"Tom spirals when Connor dates a woman who once broke his heart; family game night becomes an all-or-nothing competition."
27 Oct 2021
"The Hayworths debate about which neighbourhood is the best for a spooky Halloween; Conner shares the holiday with his ex-wife, Emily."
03 Nov 2021
"Sofia brings out Tom's adventurous side which ignites Marina's jealous side; Sarah and Denise learn that Shamiah has been confiding in Connor instead of them, leaving them no choice but to take action."
17 Nov 2021
"Tom, Sarah and Connor are determined to prove that they can host a successful Thanksgiving dinner; Denise has some sibling drama when her sister joins the Hayworth family celebration."
01 Dec 2021
"As Christmas approaches, Tom finally receives his first advance check from the Sofia Salazar book, leaving him and Marina to decide what to do with the money; Sarah receives an extravagant gift from the parents at her new school."
05 Jan 2022
"Tom and Marina must make a difficult choice after they uncover a bombshell revelation about Sof\u00eda Salazar; Connor and JoJo's secret relationship is complicated by Denise and Sarah's matchmaking efforts."
12 Jan 2022
"While Connor looks to Tom for advice on how to come clean with Denise about a sensitive matter, Marina is surprised to learn that Sarah didn't like her when they first met."
19 Jan 2022
"Tom feels threatened when Marina's father comes to visit, but it's Marina who has a hard time making peace with her dad; Connor helps Sarah and Denise declutter their small apartment."
02 Feb 2022
"Connor and JoJo's Valentine's Day takes an awkward turn when his ex-wife and daughter crash their romantic evening; a pregnancy scare derails Tom, Marina, Sarah and Denise's dinner."
23 Feb 2022
"Marina convinces Connor to dance with Lupe in a salsa competition to get to know her better; Sarah and Denise take care of Tom as he recovers from a medical procedure."
02 Mar 2022
16 Mar 2022
23 Mar 2022
"No description"
13 Apr 2022
"As Tom struggles to finish his book, his dad Marshall hijacks his writing seminar; Denise convinces Marina that she needs to do something special for Tom's 40th; Sarah and Denise try to impress a potential sperm donor."
20 Apr 2022
"The Hayworth family goes to attend the Windmount Academy musical to support Gretchen and Sarah; in an effort to help calm Tom's nerves as he awaits news about his book, Marina proposes they take the edge off and relax by taking edibl"
"No description"
18 May 2022
"Tom attempts to keep Connor grounded after he announces his plans to go to space; Marina gets stuck while trying to transform the attic into a writing space for Tom."
"No description"